In case you were wondering... here's a little bit about me.

I was born in Rhode Island, USA, in the baby boom after World War II. Growing up in a creative, traveling family, I was introduced to homey and fine crafts at a young age. Sewing, knitting, crochet, painting & drawing, carving, building, cooking, baking & canning... were all taught to me by my grandparents and parents. Along with music lessons, I was given art lessons throughout childhood. I continued this interest into High School, where I won local and state art contests. At Mount Holyoke College, while a communications major, I continued my art interests, taking many classes and producing a large series of watercolor paintings which showed and sold in a Barrington, Rhode Island gallery.

After college I married and became the mother to six beautiful children. This was my primary career for the next quarter-century. In 1990 I moved with my children to a small farm in Pomfret, Vermont, where I still live today. The children are grown now, so there is more time for my art, although I divide my time between life coaching (see CynthiaEmerlye.com) and artwork. 

My style: Over the years my artwork has formed into a distinctive, recognisable style all my own. No matter what medium I am working in, familiar motifs seem to need to be there, not always by choice. They percolate up from the subconscious and creep into whatever work I am creating.  Some of these are flowers and winding cords and often ethereal, dreamlike symbols.  My work is detailed and elegant, convoluted and richly feminine in nature, recalling the richly illuminated manuscripts of the Renaissance and the detail of William Morris. My black and white florals are highly distinctive and have been adapted to many decorative and commercial uses. My colored paintings and illustrations, utilizing a soft rainbow palette, incorporate symbols and mythic iconography into their dreamscapes.

Mediums:  I've worked in many mediums of late but my work tends to fall into four broad categories: 
  1. Painting & Illustration.  Watercolor, colored pencil, oil painting, white clayboard engraving are my main works.
  2. Black & Whites:  This, for years, was pen & ink work.  Now I am creating a lot of work in black clayboard engraving (scratchboard.)
  3. Kirigami Papercutting:  My hobby of choice.  I love paper and specialize in Kirigami, which is paper that is folded and cut. I create both two and three dimensional work.
  4. Art to Wear:  I design and build one of a kind clothing and accessories (not jewelry.) This mostly involves sewing by machine, although I create ribbonwork accessories as well. Generally, I create one collection per year of hats and jackets.  All other work happens as the spirit moves me.
How I work:  Now that my children are grown and gone, I've spread my creative detritis all over the house!  Upstairs is my formal studio/office and a small sewing room. But you'd better call before coming over because I often have project spread over the dining table and on the bunkroom floor. When I am creating my yearly collection, my wee little sewing room is not enough, so I flow out into the guest room, laying fabric on the beds and using the desk as a second sewing area.
Many of you have heard of my Night Studio.  This is a beat-up loveseat in the den with a three-tiered table next to it.  Every evening when I'm fed and tired, I sit in that chair, put my feet up and watch a movie or two.  Of course, my New England Yankee roots are uncomfortable with such indolence, so I always have a project to work on while I relax.  Much of what I create, in fact, is produced in the Night Studio.  I get my second wind late at night, so I'm often up late making something.  When the cat climbs up on me and stares into my eyes (usually at midnight) that is my signal to stop and go to bed, where I think up new projects in my sleep. So basically, I work all the time and am happy as a clam. There is nothing more satisfying as a creative endeavor.
  • ISSA - International Society of Scratchboard Artists
  • Vermont Council on the Arts
  • Vermont Craft Council
  • Guild of American Papercutters
How to find me: If you are interested in working with me, interviewing me, commissioning work, having me teach a workshop, buying my work or just telling me you like it, feel free to contact me through my website at www.EmerlyeArts.com or through my facebook page at EmerlyeArts.
I hope you enjoy rooting around in this blog closet and finding things that delight you. Enjoy!


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