Sunday, August 7, 2016

Even Princesses Must Bow Down - a Clayboard Engraving (Scratchboard)

Its been a long time coming, but here is the fourth 6x6 inch scratchboard in this new "princess" series of inverted designs.  They are inverted because I've scratched away the background ink and some of the foreground to make this a nice soft, grayscale design.  I rather like this effect, although it takes quite a bit longer than a regular black-background board.

Here are the steps it took to get to the final result.


  1. I liked the lines Even Princesses Must Bow Down they are really deep and a key to success of any person. no matter a princess or an ordinary person. i liked the artwork as well.

  2. Hi I am so impressed by your work. It shows how talented and intelligent you are. You seems to have a keen eye for the arts work. Keep up your impressive work!

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