Sunday, May 24, 2015

Painting in Public

Today is the second day of Open Studio Weekend in Vermont.  It was a gorgeous day - sunny but windy.  Lilacs blooming, birds tweeting their mating calls from every tree.

After a couple of hours indoors, waiting for people to come see my art show, I got bored and antsy.  It was just too nice a day to be indoors.  So I set up an easel outdoors in the driveway under the lilac tree to paint some canvases in preparation for another series of Ghost Florals.

Lo and behold, as soon as I began painting outdoors, people driving by began pulling into the driveway to see what I was up to. I sold a lot of frames and two people are coming back to buy paintings they picked out.  Gosh.  I should try painting in public more often.

I am painting mottled backgrounds over which white flowers will be painted (my ghost florals.) Here is one of them I did today:

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