Sunday, May 3, 2015

Greeting Cards to Color!

As I think about the coloring universe, I've realized that there may be other things to do with the creations one colors.  After all, when I create something I like a lot, I want to share it.  I'm sure you do too. So...

I've been busy in my Night Studio creating a set of greeting cards to color. These will be professionally printed as an A7 card (5x7) and the set will contain envelopes. Here's one of them (shown open. When finished coloring, you fold it in half to create a card colored on front and back. Blank inside.) Available the end of May.

Here's one of them:

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  1. These are some nice templates. Thanks for posting them on your site, so that we'll get a good idea of what to expect from them. Either way, with pristine printing and a good stroke of the brush, they can become amazing Mother’s day gifts. Cheers!

    Faye Fowler @ Master Copy Print