Thursday, April 9, 2015

Waiting For Spring - oil painting

I live in Vermont in a cold valley of a cold state. This year we went through a brutal winter - too much snow for too long. The light has changed now and days are longer and warmer but I still have a foot of snow on the ground. My friends in the pacific west keep sending me pictures of their tulips. Not helpful.

Here's my latest small painting - Water soluble oil on canvas - called "Waiting for Spring. I tried for soft, Easter-ish colors and a tranquil, welcoming feel. I am, after all, dreaming these flowers. 

If you are interested in my process, here are a few photos:

I began by covering the canvas with a very wet wash of burnt sienna, then wiping off the areas where I wanted flowers.

 Next I blocked in basic colors and added depth to the inside of the flowers.

I let all of that dry (abandoned it really) for several weeks. Since I am really hungry for spring now, I was anxious to lighten the look of the piece.  I rubbed a wet layer of blue, lavender, and white into the background with my fingers and began re-coloring the flowers and leaves.  Ahhh. That feels better.

Finally, I sharpened up everything just a bit - not too much because I wanted this to feel soft (a comfort painting.)  I added some small blue flowers and painted the ribbon a pale, translucent yellow.  Spring, come back to us.  We're waiting.

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