Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Importance of Getting Organized in the Studio

Some of you may know that I am taking a comprehensive course on Content Marketing for Artists. Today's lesson was on getting organized.  Umph.  Keeping order in my too-small studio is a never-ending chore.  Like most people, I love the idea of order, feel so much better when things are clean and orderly, and yet....  Cleaning isn't as sexy as creating.  And it takes time.

Now that I have a large body of work sitting around, along with a multitude of equipment and supplies, the importance of keeping my work and space in order has increased hugely.  So today was another reminder of this principle.  I must reming myself often that having an organized workspace...

  • saves time in the long run.  No more searching for things.
  • makes me feel serene, relaxed, and in control.
  • gives me perspective about my work- what has been accomplished, what needs doing, etc. 
  • make it easier to call things into play, access work to show someone, etc.
  • gives me room to spread out a larger project or series I am working on and this allows me to see it as a whole.
  • motivates me!

Here's today's homework:

(showing only one area of messiness.  There are several more. Sigh.)


Here's my homework report:

Getting Organized Session: I have a good system for my digital art files but the actual supplies, paintings, work waiting to dry, etc. are in disarray in my too small studio. I began cleaning it up today and put piles of blank canvasses in the attic instead of underfoot. Much more work to do. This is a start. Here are before and after pix of my 20 minute organizing "spa."

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