Thursday, April 30, 2015

Saying Good Enough to a Troubled Painting.

This poor painting has endured too many incarnations.  I had trouble with the flowers. And the background. And the balance.  But especially the rose. Oomph! I must have painted and wiped that rose three times, never satisfied.  Finally I repainted it as an almost-poppy and decided it was good enough.  Sometimes you just have to be satisfied with Good Enough, put it down, and give yourself a breather so you can go on to the next thing.

Its taken me years to accept the fact that a certain number of my creations will be unsuccessful - to me at least.  I shouldn't judge, though.  More than a few times, the paintings I have stashed in the corner are the ones someone likes enough to buy.  Go figure.

Here are all the incarnations of "Outlier Rose," an 11x14 inch oil on canvas. The troublemaker.

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