Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Clickety Clack. Constantly upgrading websites

This year has been a year on the computer. I finally got my new Emerlye Arts Coloring website up and running with a store and everything. Yay!  Unfortunately, there is a glitch with the store orders that I haven't figured out how to fix yet.  I am not getting some of my orders directly.  They are being re-routed through PayPal with no explanation to me so I don't know whether they are live or not.  Ugh.  So I've just changed my site so the store function shoots you to my Etsy shop to buy.  Not ideal but at least it works well.  Hopefully, at some point I will figure out how to fix this.  In the mean time...

I've altered my Etsy shop banner to match the website.  I hope it doesn't confuse people!

I wish Etsy let you put a taller banner on their site.  Oh well.

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