Monday, February 16, 2015

Back to Working on Texture in Oil

For the past year I've been working on creating textured backgrounds in my oil paintings.  I am working with water miscible oil paints on both canvas and board.  Now that I've joined the Daily Painters program, its given me the motivation to get back to this experimentation.

For the past three days I've been preparing a couple of boards for another "ghost" painting, meaning that the background will be mottled darkness and the painting itself will be done in shades of white.
Here is an older painting done in this style.

It isn't difficult to get a nice mottled background in acrylic but I've wanted to create it in oils.  In the past I've tried spraying with solvent but that isn't sustainable, as it creates too many fumes and I'm not into being high when I'm trying to create. Oy!

So now I'm using water and oil in tandem and just fooling around.  I'm beginning to hit on some nice effects.

On these boards I've used four layers of paint so far.  I'm about half done in preparing the background.  Stay tuned.

 I began by covering my gesso'd board in a diluted wash of burnt sienna.

 I let this dry for a day.

 Next, I sprayed the boards lightly with solvent and washed over that with water-diluted oils.

 This created a a wonderful, craggy look to the background.  I let this dry for another day.

Next, I gave it another wash of magenta to even things out.  I played around with some finger-painting to experiment with textures.

Now I'm letting this dry for a couple of days.  I may add another layer just to get the tone to be universally dark while retaining some of the interest of the textured background.  I need a dark background so the white bouquets will show up well when I finally get to painting them.

Stay tuned.

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