Sunday, February 8, 2015

Autumn Barbs - a black clayboard engraving (scratchboard)

I haven't picked up clayboard for several months now.  I've been too busy drawing designs for the Ilex coloring book of mandalas and for other adult coloring projects in the works.

Now that I've joined Daily Artists group, I want to get back to doing original works in clayboard and oil.  This is a warm-up attempt.  Scratchboard is strange in that it requires a lot of steady-hand extreme detail and, like an out of shape athlete, I need to get back into practice.

Autumn Barbs is a 5x7 inch black Ampersand scratchboard, etched with a stylus, multiple needle tool, scratchboard tool medium, and fiberglass brush.  I've shown some of the steps involved in this seven movie project, going back in time toward the earliest.


  1. wow! this is simply amazing, so complex but beautiful at the same time. black is my fav color so this is surly a blessing to see haha, take care , lots of love from england!

  2. Wow... You have a God gifted talent. Your piece of work is so elegan, neat and well designed that i have fallen in love with this black and white combination. Want to have few more images from you.