Sunday, October 5, 2014

Current Oil Paintings in Process

I've been experimenting with marbled, blotchy background in my oil painting lately.  When I get on one of these tears, I tend to binge-create. My Muse keeps me up at night and speaks to me during the day...  What about this? Try this color. What if you used this thinner.... It's exhausting.  For the past two weeks I've been her slave.  But today that stops.  I have to take a rest and catch up on the other work I'm supposed to be doing.  Besides, I ache all over from standing at the easel for six hours at a time.
Here are some of the paintings that are in the pipeline.  Most of them are unfinished, which is a drag.
But I will finish them in the next week or two and put them up for sale and then take a break from painting for a little while, Muse willing.

Here's one I started yesterday.  I quite like the background.  The white underpainting is a first draft. Now I will go over it again to improve the values.

I love the background in this one.  It looks like an old textile piece.  I'm scared to work on it more because I might wreck it but it really needs some more value and depth.

These are three hemp paintings you've already seen.  I threw two of them in frames temporarily to see how they look.

This showcase wouldn't be complete without admitting that there have been failures.  I've gone over this one too many times and it still feels stiff and too busy to me.  I think I'll be abandoning this one. Bah.

I've already shown you these two below:  The large floral will be in the Local Color show at the new Artistree gallery in Pomfret, Vermont next week. The purple one is spoken for.

Whew!  Eight paintings in four weeks.  That's a record for me.

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