Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Custom Tattoo Design for a Colombian Beauty

I've just finished a custom tattoo design for a lovely Colombian beauty pageant winner who wanted one to honor her two children.  I gave her two versions to choose from:

About the design:
  • the circle symbolizes eternity, wholeness, unity
  • the trisquel has leaves branching out on it to symbolize change, growth, and life
  • The three symbols in the outer part represent yourself, your daughter, and your son.  I looked up many images which represent the qualities you expressed for your children and these work the best in this design.  The butterfly and the bird shapes reflect each other to balance the design.  Also they are each facing outwards, indicating that someday they will leave your "nest" and fly out on their own.
  • In the center is the national flower of Colombia, your place of origin.  No matter where you are on the edges of your life, whatever new place you live in, this is your home.
  • Under each of the person symbols and connected to the center circle are three groups of your her special number l l l l 

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