Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Oil Paintings in Process

I will be working on three or four oil paintings simultaneously for the next couple of weeks.  Because oil dries so slowly and I want to use thin glazes, I need to wait until each layer dries to proceed.  This means working on several paintings at once - helping my tendency toward impatience!  Here are a few I've begun:

These are two 11x14 inch canvases with drip backgrounds in acrylic.  I've been experimenting with this kind of background in my past few paintings.  Now I will cover these with oil.  The convergence of messy, chaotic with more controlled design is interesting to me.

Here are two 11x14  drip background canvases with a white underpainting in oil.  My client wants something with cannabis leaves in it so I will try that out in a few paintings and see how it goes. Now several layers of light color will give them some depth.

This 16x20 canvas below has a mottled (not drip) background.  The white oil underpainting has now begun to be glazed over with color.  This is about half done.

I have one more underpainting to do and then I will have four paintings going at the same time - a hedge against impatience.  If I were painting them A la prima it wouldn't matter, but I want these to be glazed instead.

Stay tuned to see how these progress.

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