Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ready to Etch Bigger!

I've decided to try working my clayboard engravings in larger sizes.  So far, my largest has been 8x10.  Here comes 11x14 and larger!  I've begun doing sketches to see how it will work.  When etching, you can't just make things bigger because the wee little lines will still be wee little lines, only covering more area.  It is harder to get the contrast right.  So here are two 11x14 sketches I've begun (I left my feet in one of them because I thought they were cute!)  I'll start working on the etching soon.

This is my first draft, a rough sketch.  You will see that I draw the shape of the flower first and then put in the details.  This time I drew the ribbon first and then put stems into it, as in a vase.

The drawing below was first.  After creating a rough sketch and then refining it (lots of erasing) I then went over it with a Pitt pen and turned it into a line drawing.  I then erased all my pencil marks until it looked like this:

I like my feet in this one.  Can you tell it is summertime?

What will happen next is putting the line drawings into my scanner, transferring to Photoshop to clean up any mistakes or stray pencil marks, flipping the image and printing it out on my laser printer.  Then I can transfer the design with a solvent onto my board.  (I haven't tried this method with an inked board, so we will have to see if it works.  I hope so because transferring by hand is such a pain.)
Stay tuned!

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