Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Falling Apart" - a white clayboard engraving (scratchboard)

Yesterday a tree fell over the power lines and my electricity went out.  I took the time to begin a scratchboard until the light failed.  Today is the last day of the holiday weekend, which I spent dreamily watching the blowing wind outside and working on this little 6x6 inch piece.

I believe the art that comes out of me is unconsciously emblematic of my inner state.  I've been nervous and disconnected lately, worrying about my house selling and how overwhelmed I feel with everything that needs to be done.  I am pulled in too many directions with no central vision to hold me together.  After I finished this piece, I realized that it reflects this state of mind. How blue the thread of my mind right now.

Here are some of the steps it went through in its evolution:

I first covered a white clayboard with about six layers of colored india ink, swirling and dabbing to avoid brush strokes. This was left to dry and cure for several days.  The ink must be completely dry before trying to etch.  Then came the long, tedious process of covering the board with etching. Because this was an ad-hoc project, there was no sketch or planning.  I just wanted to keep busy during the storm.  Here's what evolved.

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