Monday, May 26, 2014

Trying a New Clayboard Method

The other night something came to me that I had to try.  I've been looking for ways to give more interest to the backgrounds of my floral etchings. I like the kind of texture you can create with acrylics so I fooled around with creating ink blotches on my white clayboard.  The result is pretty interesting, although it may take me a few more attempts for the result to be what I want. Here it is, a four-movie gift to the world: "Blue Back."

Here's how it came about:  First I spread the ink on in a random manner and began etching a flower (big surprise there, eh?)

I etched some more...

I decided that the background wasn't dark enough so I added black.

Then I etched some more to finish it up.
Voila!  (Note: the final color is a deep turquoise - blue-green, more like the below photo than the blue above.)

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