Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Art Therapy Group: My Past & Future

Today in my art therapy group we did a thought-provoking project using a tracing of our hands to represent what we were into in the PAST and what we hope for in the FUTURE.  Since this was such a personal exercise, I will only show you mine.


  1. Hi, My name is Susan Harmon
    I love your projects,I teach at Howard Payne University and at Central Texsas College,Fort Hood campus.Here is a blog showing my ewest art works.

  2. Do you have students trace their own hands or do you use a template? I love this. I am going to use this for my creative writing journals, front cover, back cover. Thank you.

    1. Either way will work but I think it is more powerful for students to trace their own hands. Good luck!

  3. Not sure it you are still posting but this is a great creative activity.

  4. Love this idea! I was looking for an activity to do with my students for our Excellence value. I think this is a great idea. Using the past to build the future. Thanks for sharing!