Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Portrait of My Grandmother

This 11x14 inch oil painting on board is dedicated to my grandmother who used to have a huge flower and vegetable garden.  Living in a time when the lives of women were very restricted, she often told stories about wishing she had been born a boy.  She was married young in order to get out from under the yoke of a domineering father only to feel constrained in marriage by the conventions of her time.  When her boys became unruly teenagers, her traveling husband came home to stay and help out.  He promptly took over her garden, so she abandoned her beloved flowers and went indoors to surround herself with crochet - something she could call her own.

The basic composition is in the shape of a face which reminds me of my grandmother in her glasses, her right hand ready to work.  The sheer white ribbon reminds me of her wedding, loosely binding her up but also holding life together during the Great depression.

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