Friday, February 14, 2014

Hand Painted Wall

The Eastern USA had a huge storm yesterday and today.  Here in Vermont I have 30 inches of new snow.  My car is buried and I'm not going anywhere.  So I continued to work on the back hallway I am painting.  After painting the walls boca raton blue, I hand painted around the attic door to cover up the crappy wall.  It was so much fun, I may extend the design down the stairs a bit.
Something to do when snowed in on a winter day:


  1. How enchanting! I love how you painted the wall with such amazing patterns. If you hadn't said that you hand painted those beautiful figures, I'd think they were stenciled in because they look so fine. You are an awesome and admirable artist, Cynthia! Keep in up!

    Jeannette Greer @ JTC Coatings