Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Local Color Gallery Show in Woodstock, Vermont

Oooo la la!  I have three small works in the Local Color show at Artistree gallery in Woodstock, VT. They are all scratchboards.  One is a white board, one is color on a black board, and the third is black and white. You can see them up close and view the creation process by clicking on the "Scratchboard" label to the right of this blog.
Unfortunately, my frames didn't arrive until too late for the show so they are all framed differently with whatever was around. C'est la vie.

The colored board (bird seen below) got a lot of good attention. People are fascinated with the process, which I explained in a page on the wall.  Stop by if you can and see the show.  My work would look lovely on your wall!

People like to get up close to inspect the detail in my work. 

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