Saturday, June 22, 2013

3 Panel Screen v.12 - Details Details

After tomorrow I will be taking a hiatus from working on this room divider for a week while I make preparations for next week's wedding guests. (My son is getting married!!)  So I'm taking every opportuntity to paint before I put my brushes down.

This represents two short sessions I did today on the bird and the tree.  Have a peek:

The center panel's subject is a screen writer in California so I am making this bird thrush-like.  Thrushes are known for their beautiful song.

The third panel's subject is a woman engineer.  I chose to represent her with gears inside a tree hollow (feminine.)  Today I blocked out some color on the gears.

Stay tuned.  I may do one more session before stoping for several days.  In any case, I may continue to work on some coloring pages in the Night Studio.

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