Saturday, June 1, 2013

3 Panel Screen v2: The Life Size Sketch

I'm nearly finished with transposing my original sketch to a life-size sketch for the three panel screen I will be painting in June. The screen (actually a wooden room-divider) is approximately 4ft x 5ft.
This process is more complicated than simply making the original sketch larger because there is so much more room available on the support.  Space which seemed comfortably open in the small sketch may now seem empty in the larger one.  So the small sketch is just a guideline.

In the previous post on this project, I showed how I created a grid to follow.  In this step I have transposed my drawing in two steps.  First I sketched the elements in pencil (so I could erase if needed - and believe me, I needed to.)  Then, when I achieved the look I wanted, I went over it in black charcoal.

I wasn't happy with the original dog-on-snowboard dimensions so I taped up another piece of paper and drew another one.

Now the dimensions of the diver seem a bit large, so I will re-draw him a bit smaller to even out the left and right side.

When I begin painting, I will refer back to my reference photos to get the details right.  For example, the bird should look similar to a wood thrush.  This sketch is a fairly generic bird.

Stay tuned!

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