Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3 Panel Screen v1- Starting a New Commission

I've been commissioned to paint an illustration onto a large three-part wooden room divider.  This will take me a few weeks.  I will probably work on it nearly every day for a while.  If you like, follow along.  (You can see all the posts on this project together by clicking on the label "3 Panel Screen" in the right column.)

It took me a while to come up with the concept, which will be a kind of story portrait, depicting motifs which represent the three adult children of my collector. One is a psychologist in Nepal who loves diving. The second is a song writer in California. The third is an engineer in Colorado who loves her dog Blue and snowboarding.   Here is the final sketch, covered with a grid:

It took me a while to learn how to create grids in photoshop.  It was a rather tedious process but now I have another skill in my "toolbox."  The best tutorial I came across to do this is here:

My next task is to transcribe the sketch into the large size of the screen.  I covered the boards with banner paper and then went through the tedious process of drawing a grid on the paper that corresponds with the grid overlay on my sketch.  I calculated and measured it out using a ruler and marked the lines in pencil.

Next I went over all the pencil lines with permanent marker.  I like to use yellow highlighter for this.  The reason for the marker is this: when creating the new sketch, I will invariably want to erase something.  If my gridlines are in pencil, they might get erased with my mistakes.  Better to be safe.  It took a long time to mark out this grid but it's worth it.  This will help me transpose the original sketch accurately. 

 Two hours. That's enough for today.  Tomorrow I will start on the lifesize sketch.  Stay tuned.

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