Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Heart Has Stories to Tell - Therapeutic Art Project

Every Tuesday I teach two art groups at Second Spring in Williamstown, Vermont. This is a halfway house for patients transitioning to home.  I offer therapeutic art sessions in the morning and afternoon there.  We've had fun with many creative projects.  I thought you might be interested in some of them so on Tuesdays if we do exceptional work, I will put them up.

Today our theme was "The Heart Has Stories to Tell."  I cut out 3.5 inch squares from cardboard for each person to decorate.  The only requirement was that there be a heart on each square.  After painting and decorating, each person then wrote what heartfelt memory it represented for them.  Some were happy, some were broken-hearted.  Some were simple ideas and others were more complex.

I cut a piece of foamboard into a 20x20 inch square and lightly traced a grid on it so we would know where to place the squares.  When they had dried, I glued the painted delights onto the board and Voila!  A composite painting.

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