Saturday, March 9, 2013

Inspired by: The incredible drawings of Nicholas McKennitt

I met Nicholas McKennitt in 2012 at an art group I was teaching.  When he showed me some of his incredibly detailed work I couldn't stop looking at it.  Worlds within worlds.  Its like looking at a complex flower in wonderment, then putting that flower under a microscope and noticing even more complexity.

I'm sorry to not have had my better camera with me when I took these.  If you have an opportunity to see his genius work in person, please take it!

This first drawing is of a tree.  The shape is created by varying the type and density of his tiny lines.  I like my work to be somewhat "tangled" but this is more complex than I would have ever conceived of.

This one was created on colored paper for a different effect. Mind blowing.

Most of his drawings, done in pen and ink on 8.5 x 11 paper, are meant to be single works.
However, Nick showed me one grouping of four which, when grouped together, form another image as well.  Can you see the star, the cross and the beams of light?

To contact Nick about his work:

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