Monday, March 25, 2013

Fuchsia - Black Clayboard Engraving ( Scratchboard )

For this piece, I decided to wait until the scratchboard was finished to show you the whole process at once.  This is called "Fuchsia"  a 7x5 black clayboard engraving.  Below the final are my sessions- beginning to end.  Each session was about one to two movies long.  So many movies.

Session 1:  The initial sketch

Session 2:  The line drawing

Session 3:  I transfer the image using xylol

Session 4:  I begin etching

Session 5:  I begin the weeds, leaving the ribbon blank

Session 6:  More weeds

Session 7:  I begin the ribbon

Session 8:  I begin the fuchsia, my chop, and the bud

Session 9: More fuchsia etching

 Session 10:  Cleaning Up the Final

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