Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Faux- Quilted Top (mini-tutorial)

As you saw in the last post, I machine quilted a new flannel top for myself.
Once I finished the sewing, it was time to put it through the washer and dryer to intentionally shrink the fabric.  This created a beautiful "faux quilted " look.  It is the easiest, quickest way to quilt cotton that I know of and is extremely lightweight because there is no batting involved.  This makes it perfect for clothing. 

You simply cut out two pieces of the same fabric for each pattern piece and cut each of them out at right angles to each other - so that the top of the garment is on the warp of the fabric in once piece and the weft of the fabric on the other.  (For example, to make this bodice, I cut left and right bodice pieces on the weft and then a second left and right bodice on the warp.)

Then, with your two layers of fabric for each pattern piece placed together,  you stitch your pattern on top(as shown below and in more detail in my previous post.)  I simply hold the two layers together while sewing and don't bother with putting it on a frame.  As long as you keep smoothing it out with your fingers as you SLOWLY sew, it will be fine in the end because...
The 100% cotton fabric will shrink when washed but each layer will shrink in a different direction, thus causing it to intentionally pucker.

Here again is a photo of the bodice when sewn but not washed:

And here is my top after washing:
PS.  Don't mind the difference in color in these photos.  The first one was taken during the day and the latter ones at night.  Different lighting.

Now I just need to add the buttons.  You see in this photo above that I added two inner plackets so that each side of the bodice will meet but no buttons will show. The two hidden plackets will do the trick instead.  This way I can wear necklaces without the buttons interfering.

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