Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Songbird Kirigami for some Songbirds

Here is a kirigami commission I just finished for a Nashville band called Odon Piano.  They intend to use is as the tee shirt design for their new album.  Here is a description of the motifs I included:

Although this design is actually a circle, it looks more like an 8 sided star - not too circular, as you requested. At the cardinal points I put songbirds (Mockingbirds) holding a heart. The larger shape that frames them also forms a heart. To the side are inverted hearts within hearts. I tried to not make the hearts too obvious so it wouldn't appear too "cutsey." To each side of the inverted hearts are 6 rays around a star. Hopefully the six of you will be stars someday. The star also represents the female of your group and the five circles that trail behind (or above if you wish) are the male members of the group.
The shape which holds the center motif is a flower. Inside is a small house with the sun shining above - sunny days ahead for you, I hope. Beside the house are six trees and bushes for the six of you, living, growing, framing your home. Below the house is a garland of flowers - six on each side of center.
So, your center is home surrounded by songbirds, flowers, sunshine and hearts.

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