Friday, November 2, 2012

Kirigami Display

I've pretty much finished the kirigami papercut ornaments for this season.  This year I've made a hundred small ones and only a couple dozen larger ones.

Here are some more designs I've cut recently:

 I'm trying to get my displays built because they will be going up in the three holiday bazaar locations I've arranged for this year.  This is the display unit I used last year at the Chandler Holiday Bazaar.  I may use it again for the larger mandalas.

This little tree comes apart for easy transport. Kind of unsteady, though.  I'm looking for a better solution.

I'm experimenting with this new idea: Using a tomato cage turned upside down and painted gold for a kind of tree-hanger.  We'll see how this works.  Takes up space in the car, though.

Normally I am cutting kirigami all through the holiday season - my yearly oblation to this beloved craft.  But this year I am so far behind in my other art obligations that I need to work more on other things: cards, prints, katubot, logos, scratchboard, wearables, and adult coloring.  Oy.  I do too many diverse things!
Stay tuned.  Much more to come.

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