Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Wrapped Wire Ornament Tree

For the past couple of years I have searched for the right kind of ornament tree to display my small kirigami pieces.  I need one that is sturdy, lightweight, and folds up to travel well.  This year I saw a wire tree in the store that was just right so I tried to recreate it.

I took 36 pieces of 16 g wire and began wrapping them with florist tape, starting at the bottom.  Every few inches, I bent a few of the wires to make branches and wrapped them separately. 

Then I painstakingly wrapped the entire tree in red sparkly yarn, placing red beads at the tips of each branch. 

I mounted the whole tree on an old decorative bowl as a base. 

This project wasn't difficult, just VERY tedious, especially wrapping the yarn around the branches.  If I ever make another one, I will use thicker yarn.  This was made in several sittings of a few hours each.  In the future it might be more worth it to buy a tree like this if I could find one. Ha.

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