Friday, June 22, 2012

Inside Pamphlet is Finished!

Today I re-worked the pamphlet enclosure for the Adult Coloring portfolio sets and sent the design off to the printer.  YAY!  All the little pieces are finished (except the ISBN stickers) and now I just have to wait for everything to arrive and be assembled.  Oh yeah, and except the bookmarks for each set with Thoughtful Questions pertaining to that set.  Darn.  I forgot about that piece.  That's a whole other project.  OK, forget that I said I'm almost finished.
Here is the front and back of the pamphlet:

Now, while I am waiting for the printer to deliver the rest of my coloring sets, I need to finish a logo design I am working on and then begin on a new website design.

Thankfully, my little house in the woods stays naturally cool.  Outside we are having a heat wave!  Global warming!

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