Friday, June 15, 2012

Expanding a New Sketch

I wonder if I have the quahaugs to take this new sketch to several levels like I keep saying I am going to.  Can I stick with one design enough to do...
  • a line drawing which will become a coloring pages
  • a colored pencil drawing 
  • a black & white ink painting
  • a black clayboard engraving (scratchboard)
  • a white clayboard engraving (in color)
  • a watercolor illustration
I've just been to Barbara Bartlett's studio to see her new tea creations and have been inspired by how she has taken one medium (tea bags) to so many levels. I have trouble working on one design more than once.  Well, if this design comes out well enough, I may try to stick with it for a while.  Here's the sketch:

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