Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beginning the Bookmarks

My work had a setback last week.  I had to rush off to RI to take care of a relative just out of the hospital.  Of course I brought work with me but, as ever, none of it got done.  (I am forever assuming I can accomplish more than is reasonable.)

Now I'm back home, scurrying to catch up on the pile of tasks on my To Do list.  As you know, I've been trying to get all the elements of my Adult Coloring line out to the printer.  I promised everyone I would have this finished by the end of June and by Jove, I am doing my best.

Yesterday I finished the design to the bookmarks I will be including in the coloring portfolio sets.  Each set contains a bookmark with Thoughtful Questions on the reverse side - things to ponder as you are coloring. These sets are, after all, intended to be vehicles for self-reflection.  I will be creating a different set of questions for each set.  Here is the front side of the first bookmark:

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