Friday, May 4, 2012

Pink & Gray Chinese Sam

I've always liked pink and gray as a combination.  Here is one of the summer tops I have been sewing.  Nothing fancy.  I need to sew some quick tops just to have something to wear but then... then I will try my hand at a fancier project, one I can take more time to complete. 

This top is my original design, an altered rendition of a classic Chinese top.  Instead of makig both front and back the same, I cut away a section in the center front so that the back is wider than the front.  Hense, the angle of the shoulder is a bit dropped instead of being at a right angle. I added pockets and side slits and made the back a wee bit longer to cover my bum.  This is not quite fingertip length.  The wide, three-quarter sleeves are nice in the summer for a bit of circulation. This is the second top I've made from this pattern.  It is super comfortable, yet doesn't look frumpy.

Strange how I love to design clothes but the actual sewing feels like a boring chore.  If someone else did the sewing, I could really go to town with some beautiful designs. 

Oh well, back to work.

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