Monday, May 14, 2012

News from the Studio

I haven't been posting much lately because I've been busy busy busy with projects not very interesting as posts:
  • I'm creating a new logo for a lovely gardening company. Lots of sketching but nothing to show you yet.
  • I'm getting things ready for Open Studio Weekend which is coming up soon.  May 26-27.  I will be participating again this year.  Come and see my work in person.  For more info go to the Vermont Craft Council website. 
  • I'm preparing my exhibition materials and shipping my work to the 2012 International Exhibition of Scratchboard Artists in California for a July show.  Exciting.  This is the board that was accepted for the show:
  • I'm planning two entries for the new Bookstock II exhibit at Artistree Gallery. Entry date is coming up in June, so I have to get working.  I will show you as soon as I begin.
  • My daughter and son just graduated from college and I am madly planning a graduation party for them but getting the whole family to come is like herding cats!
 Lots more happening but those are the main things on my plate at the moment.  I've started a new scratchboard to keep me busy at night. You will see my first pass at it tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

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