Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Scratchboard- No Name Yet

I've begun a new scratchboard engraving.  It's been slow going because of being sick but now my hand is a bit steadier and I should be making progress more rapidly.  This is another 8x10 inch black clayboard. 

In this first photo you can see some of my sketch in the background.  Much of the time I make a sketch on paper and then transfer it onto the board nice and neat.  This time I was lazy and began sketching right on the board.  The problem with this is that if I mess up badly, I will have to erase, which leaves a big smudge on the black ink surface, such as you see in the center. This can be covered over later - but that's another step which should be unnecessary.  Oh well, I'm not perfect.

This bottom photo is my second session last night.  Mostly, this etching will follow the pattern I've been in of creating complex fantasy botanicals.  I don't have a name for this one yet. Stay tuned.

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