Monday, April 9, 2012


I miss the Easter Bonnet tradition.  When I was growing up everyone dressed up on Sundays and holidays and especially Easter.  My mother, an elegant beauty, wore hats. I looked forward to the new hat I would get each spring.

Where I live now people dress plainly and hats are mere utilitarian garments.  It seems a shame.  Hats have been with us as an ornamental necessity for ages.

Hats as ornament are, thankfully, still alive in some places.  These works of art need more celebration. 

Here in the USA there are the Church Hats of black congregations...

Wide-brimmed fashions of the Kentucky derby...

And who could forget the works of sculpture that the Brits showcase on special occasions...

The collections of fancy winter hats I've made for sale have been both utilitarian and ornamental. I should wear them more.

Now that the weather is warming up, my little wide-brimmed hat collection needs to come out of the closet again. Why don't you join me?

Happy Spring!

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