Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Silver Frames are Here!

The frames I ordered from Decor, a wholesale to the trade framing company, arrived today and they are magnificent!   I think my black and white scratchboard engravings will look very elegant in them.

I now have several more steps to go through to get my work ready for the gallery:
  • Have my carpenter friend cut up a sheet of 1/8 inch hardboard to fit the frames.
  • Order UV glass and have it cut to size.  Pay attention to the depth of the glazing.
  • Order spacers to hold the glass away from the artwork- the size that fits the glass depth.
  • Buy the linen fabric I picked out and glue it to the hardboard as a backing for the artwork
  • Hold my breath while I cover each piece of art with a sealer and pray nothing goes wrong.  I should have done this earlier because it will have to dry and cure a bit.
  • Find a way to glue or fix the artwork to the linen backing board without damaging it.
  • Cut foamboard backing for the whole thing.
  • Design and create a nice label to go on the back.
and then...
  • Assemble the whole thing. 

I had enough coin to frame eight pieces for the gallery (Studio 47 in Woodstock, VT.)  Now I will have to sell one to pay myself back for the huge expense of framing.  It does look wonderful, though. Here's a peek without the glass:

These frames are solid wood, heavy and substantial.  They are coated with a warm silver broken leaf which goes with black very nicely. I love them.

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