Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cutting Some 3D Paper Elements

I'm a little stuck on the 3D scene I am creating, so I spent the evening cutting out some small "filler" elements which can be used many different ways. If I cut enough of these, then perhaps I can hit upon the right combination for the scene I am trying to create.

Doing these kinds of scenes is like making a puzzle.  I know the basic picture I want to create but fitting it all in a defined space is trickier than it seems.  What seems like it might work in theory might not work in reality.  Cutting is one thing; arranging the space is another.

Here are some of the elements I cut last night while watching "Real Steel." (This work went slowly because the movie was pretty engaging and I found myself stopping work to root for the robots and then laugh at myself for it.)  Anyway, whatever elements I don't use in this scene will be used in another one. Stay tuned.

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