Thursday, March 8, 2012

Comfrey - black scratchboard engraving Step 5

Two more movies and all I finished on this was four sets of berries. 

I find that the speed of my night studio work is greatly affected by the film I am watching.  Last night it was "Brighton Rock," a great film about a depressing subject (sick love) and it slowed me down.  I'm not into twisted teenage love any more.  For example, I no longer think "Wuthering Heights" is a romantic tale and "Romeo and Juliet" is just plain tragic.  I've had enough of girls falling for bad boys. Sure, the suffering that comes of it is exciting and full of drama - but I no  longer think it is romantic. 
The second film, a Miss Marple mystery, was rather complicated.  I had to pause and pay attention to details often - so that slowed me down as well.  A much more satisfying experience, however.
My delicate little flowers didn't jibe with either of these images coming into view.  Nevertheless, a good evening's work.

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