Friday, February 3, 2012

Cacao - Clayboard Painted Layer

Here is the painted clayboard version of my drawing "Cacao." (Sketch shown earlier.)  I used a combination of media to paint.  I started with watered-down acrylic paint but found it too thick and opaque like gouache.  I finished it with something that seems to be working well:  Ink with a wee bit of acrylic to stabilize it so it doesn't drip too much but not enough to take away the luminosity of the transparent ink.   This was a two movie painting process. "Nine" and "The Secret" which, strangely, seemed to have similar ideas behind them.

As you see, I don't paint a scratchboard engraving the same way I would if I were intending this to be a painting on its own.  Everything must be darker and more full-bodied because when I begin engraving it the white clayboard that is revealed will lighten everything.

We shall soon see how this one comes out.  There is a bit of a surprise element in this work, just like with my kirigami papercutting.  I never know what it will really look like until I'm finished.

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