Monday, February 6, 2012

Beginning Some New Black Clayboards (Scratchboard)

Yesterday I had a visit with my favorite Gallery owner, Wojtek of Studio 47 Gallery in Woodstock, VT ( really the most beautiful gallery in Vermont in my opinion.)  I've been pretty sick lately with a stomach thing going around - so I'm sitting with my artwork a lot but not getting much else done.  So I was showing him all my new work in clayboard and he strongly urged me to do more of the black clayboard engravings (scratchboard) - enough to create a good gallery showing.  I've been doing this work haphazardly and don't have a good, solid collection put together.  I want to have at least a dozen of each size.  I have finally found two frames which I think look great so I need to have some framed as well.

I've begun a new one - a small 5x7" - to get me back into the groove (pun intended.)  The process is quite different from white clayboard.  I really need to get a better magnifying lamp, though.  My lines need to be very precise and, since I'm sick, my eyes tear up and my vision blurs a lot.  (Maybe I should just be in bed but it's so boring!)

Here's what I did last night. This is a small 5x7 inch piece to round out what I've done before in this size.  From here on I will mostly be working in 8x10 inch or larger.

I really need to get a horizontal clamp for my camera tripod so I can photograph this kind of detailed work in more detail.  Tiny movements in my hand really blurs the result.  Sorry.

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