Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cutting Kirigami at the Winter Farmer's Market

I spent the morning yesterday at the Woodstock Winter Farmer's Market.  It's the first time I've set up a table there.  In fact, I haven't done any shows in a couple of years. Since this one was close to home, inexpensive, and in a good location, I thought I would try it out - mostly as research.  I am trying to decide whether to get back into doing shows again.  Last time I was selling my wearable art.  This time it will be my kirigami and manufactured goods, cards, reproductions and such. Gift items.

It went OK, although everyone there said it was horribly slow.  I sold enough to make it worth going and it was only three hours. Not a big deal.

While I was there, I decided to stand and cut kirigami cards and a mandala or two.  It gives me something to do and customers like to watch me work.  Here's one of the cards I cut:

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