Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Clayboard with color- v4

I guess this is growing on me a little.  I am enjoying experimenting with which techniques work the best.  I like the flowers and leaves I engraved in the white clayboard tonight.

 This had quite a bit of clayboard ink painted into it, with darks and highlights, like the unfinished pink flower to the left.  Over the ink painting I etched the values into the flower. Only at the end did I add some black areas with india ink pen, then etched out some of that to soften it into the other color. The result was very subtle colors.   This result is different from the central pink flower.  For that one I started with everything covered in black.

And for a name:  I kind of like the darkness of the ribbon so I am calling it "Black Ribbon."

Stay tuned.  There's still a ways to go with this scratchboard etching. (... trying to get my key words in, don't ya see?)

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