Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Winter Solstice Blessing

Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year,  represents the ending of darkness and the beginning of new light. No wonder this season is a holiday time for many.  This year I will share with you some images of winter that please me and, hopefully, will give you joy as well.

This winter scene by Donald Maier is the kind of landscape I live in. It captures both the cold beauty of winter and the clean, quiet somnolence of this time of year when we are meant to slow down and contemplate, renewing our strength for the coming new year. May you find refreshment and renewal in the quiet days of winter when the land sleeps.

Wendy L. Wilkerson's painting reminds me of the bright beauty of sunny winter days, when the light, unfiltered by a green landscape, sparkles from the icy trees like a winter wonderland. May you take the time to notice the beauty in a bare landscape and the clarity that can come from simplicity.

This painting of Lucia (which means "light") by Francesco del Cossa celebrates the patron saint of good eyesight.  She is often associated with the Winter Solstice, a time when the darkness ends and new light begins.  May you leave behind the darkness of old wounds and let your eyes be opened to the beauty all around you.

This winter fairy, fashioned by Nenufar Blanco, reminds me of how magical the world can be if we pay attention.  May your heart be touched by the magic of the season.

I've always loved how Carl Larsson was able to capture the peace and love of family life. May you be warmed by the fellowship of friends and loved ones this winter season and always.

Blessings to you of love, joy, peace, and vision this holiday season.

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