Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scratchboard Needs a Name Change

I've just finished reading a nice post by another scratchboard artist who mourns the term "scratchboard," as I do.  When I tell people I am working on a series of scratchboard etchings, they poo poo it and more often than not say "Oh, I used to do that in elementary school!"

Um... no.  This is not the scratch art you remember making with crayons.

So, the suggestion by Susan Donley HERE is that we start calling this kind of work "Clayboard Engraving."  She does stunning work in inked clayboard engraving, mostly of animals.  (I haven't progressed to inking yet.)  Take a look at one of my favorites:

This is the beauty of this medium:  incredible detail and depth.  I've seen beautiful portrait work, cartoon figures, and commercial design that I want to just gaze at for lengths of time.  Here is another of my favorite scratchboard (eh, clayboard) engravers,  Mark Summers, who does work for international magazines and is sometimes called the "Scratchboard god."
I've been reluctant to show my clayboard work because I have the above geniuses in mind as mentors. But, hey... practice makes perfect.


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