Saturday, December 31, 2011

Getting Ready for 2012

News From the Studio:  In the midst of getting the tangle of my 2011 finances sorted out, I've been pondering the direction I want to take in the upcoming year.  There are too many things on my Artist plate.  I need to go on a professional diet and restrict myself to just a few areas of endeavor.  (This is difficult because I like to do so many things and I am easily bored.) The way I intend to deal with this is to create "collections," in other words, do projects in series of at least four and up to twelve.  Ideally, I would spend a season working on one collection, but that would be a stretch for me.

Here are some of the things I intend to work on (and show you) in 2012:

ADULT COLORING -  I really really really want to get this off the ground.  I've created one coloring journal so far, which has been quite successful even though I don't have it in many shops or on Amazon - something I want to rectify soon. I may create a new journal as well.
I have created quite a few new coloring pages but I am unsure whether to create more hard-copy portfolios to sell or to set up a digital download service. I'm considering talking about this differently as well because when I google adult coloring I come up with other "adult" sites which have nothing to do with drawing.  Perhaps "Complex Coloring Designs for Adults Who Color" should be a subtitle.  Look for me to get all this up and running this year. 

CARDS & ILLUSTRATIONS - Unless you sell a minimum of 30,000 a year, greeting cards are not much of a money-maker.  However, I like to make them and they are a wonderful way to get one's art noticed.  I plan on making several new Quotation Card designs this year and perhaps use the many border designs I love to create, as templates for Ketubot or other Celebration/award certificates. This will be on one of my back burners.
As ever, I will take illustration jobs such as creating logos and, hopefully, do a story portrait or two, something I didn't get to do in 2011.  If I get my act together, I will try to join an Illustration website to display my work for licensing.

ENGRAVINGS - I intend to continue working on a series of clayboard (scratchboard) engravings, experiment with colorizing them, and how best to frame them.  These will be for sale at some point.

PAINTING - I am very excited about a new series of oil and acrylic paintings I want to get started on this winter.  I'm not going to talk about it yet so I don't jinx myself.  This new theme will be an experiment for me - so it may or may not be successful.  I accept that.  These will be large originals, in the Visionary style I was developing a few years ago.

KIRIGAMI - As ever, I will continue to fool around with kirigami papercutting.  This has moved from a little hobby into... something else.  I've sold a lot of this work in 2011 and have been asked to create an online course, was included in a book, and have been approached for another one.  Sheesh.  This has come a long way from making snowflakes with my kids for our winter windows.  As with other things, I do papercutting intermittently or else I get tired of it - and my hands hurt.

TEACHING - Now this is an area I really want to develop this year.  I've already begun to teach small classes and workshops in my local area.  I want to take the time to develop more in-depth courses that can be offered for sale online.  This will be a chore but something that can be easily replicated once its created.

EVERYTHING ELSE - I just can't help it.  I will probably also entertain myself from time to time with sewing one of a kind wearables, making little crafty things, and learning new skills.  I am a maker - kind of a busy bee.  I just wish this tendency included the more mundane necessities, like housecleaning and bookkeeping.

All of this is, of course, in addition to my work as a Life Coach, which I would also like to expand. I really need another lifetime to do everything I want to.  Any vampires out there want to bite me?

Stay tuned my lovelies.

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