Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Butterfly Sketch - scratchboard

I've been encouraged by a lovely gallery to do a series of scratchboard etchings to be carried by them.  I want to do each size in sets of two or four, so I'm going to finish two more in the 5x7 size and then do a set of larger etchings.  Here is the pencil sketch and initial layout for the newest one: "Butterfly." I was a bit unsure about the butterfly, so this time I made a sketch on paper and transferred it to the scratchboard simply by laying the paper on the board and going over my pencil marks with a stylus.  That left a slight impression on the board which I could then go over with pencil.  This is easier than using graphite paper, which tends to shift.  I will be working on this now and then this week between Christmas presents.   Stay tuned. 

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