Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Nativity Papercut is Finished!

Finally! Putting this Nativity set together was so much more work than I anticipated.  I'm pretty happy with it, though.  It will make a very nice piece for someone's mantle.

First I made paper triangular stands for the back of each figure.  I used acid-free Tacky glue this time, as the Guess glue I've used for books probably wouldn't hold up over time in this format.

I glued each piece to a foamboard base the exact size of the bottom of the triangular shadowbox.

Unfortunately, the light I bought for the inside, while a good idea, didn't work out well.  Instead of illuminating the pieces, it just shone in your eyes.  The hole in the box where the star is and where the light would have been makes a novel kind of "light" though.

The scene depicts Mary and Joseph holding the Babe up for all to see.  Shepherds and animals come to look.  Overhead an angel trumpets the news and a star shines brightly against the black velvet sky.  I used genuine sheep fluff at the base to cover up the foamboard and to look like snow (even though Jesus was probably born in April.


And... Voila!


This will be for sale at Arjuna in Woodstock, VT. or can be purchased through me.  I am taking it to my kirigami workshop at Artistree today.  Perhaps my students can help me price it.  Look for it in my Etsy kirigami shop online.

This is the end of my kirigami adventures for a while.  I will be turning my attention next week to finishing another coloring portfolio and then on to painting and sewing after Thanksgiving.

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