Sunday, October 2, 2011

Well, I'm Sort Of Back

I had thought that when I arrived home from the tragedy in Boston that I could resume my life as before.  I see now that I have some more mourning to do.  While I've started to catch up on old work, I've not been able to do anything new yet. Sorry.  Nothing to show you right now - but it is my intention to start painting again soon.  I hope that any day now my heart will open up enough to do it.  Please stay tuned.

In the mean time... I've ordered a third printing of my adult coloring journal. It is selling well as a gift. I'm exploring the hospital market now.  I've gotten some interesting feedback.  Here are some images of previous work I've done for a new coloring journal:

These were designed a year ago while sitting in a restaurant waiting for my daughter to arrive. I was thinking of food (no surprise there) and began sketching.  I finished them when I got home.

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